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Yoga is widely regarded as an effective, low risk activity that delivers an array of health benefits to practitioners. Yoga, more than any other exercise, can be tailored to fit seniors.

Yoga has positive effects on:

Breathing ~ Stress ~ Strength ~ Balance ~ Flexibility ~ The Endocrine System

Research on Health Benefits of Yoga:

The Health Benefits of Yoga
Good for You! 21 Ways Yoga Practice Can Improve Your Life
BENEFITS TO SENIORS: Designing a Yoga Program for Active Seniors What are the Benefits of Yoga for Seniors? Improvement of Hand Strength for Arthritis
BENEFITS TO BALANCE: Effects of yoga on balance and gait properties in women with musculoskeletal problems Effect of a 12-Week Yoga Intervention on Fear of Falling and Balance in Older Adults 

Benefits to blood pressurePrevention of heart disease Reduced back pain Reduced risk of endometrial cancer Reduced inflammation Reduced stress Reduced PTSD

A recent study by UC San Diego researchers using the Silver Age Yoga protocol found that seniors who participate in weekly yoga classes experience major health benefits including: 

- Significant pain reduction - Reduced fatigue - Increased mobility and physical function - Significant improvement in symptoms of depression

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