Silver Age Yoga

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SAYCO works as a community outreach partnership, collaborating broadly with community centers, local governments, and other non-profits. We have many opportunities for volunteers to join us in service both in the community and in our administrative office. We believe that shared effort towards healthy outcomes enhances the wellness and prosperity of our community. To discuss volunteer opportunities, please contact us.

Thank you!

"Thank you so much for the Silver Age Yoga class. I have been attending now for a couple of months and think these classes have helped me a lot. My physical and mental being is happier after this class. I hope to continue as long as possible. " ~ Bob M. "The Silver Age Yoga class is helping me in many ways: it keeps me flexible which is very important for my arthritis. I can always tell when I miss classes - become more stiff and have to take pain medicine. Also the yoga class helps me to relax because I am learning to breathe more deeply." ~ Karin
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