About our Mission

Our Mission: To provide health enhancing and life enriching yoga practices to our underserved senior population.

To reach this underserved senior population, we need teachers who are specially-trained and certified by Silver Age Yoga. Without this vital training, the risks to a senior citizen in yoga class can easily outweigh the benefits.

If you love yoga and you love seniors – you are in the right place!

You can use your newly-acquired skills in a number of ways:

  • Add Senior Yoga Classes to your current Yoga Teaching practice.
  • Teach on site Senior Yoga Classes in Retirement Homes, Senior Communities or countless other venues geared towards seniors.
  • Develop better yoga practices for seniors you already teach.
  • Become part of our Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach Program (Silver Age Yoga-administered classes specifically targeting underserved seniors).

Any way you choose to utilize your new found skills, our Silver Age Yoga Certification Course will help you achieve your goals.

I am a RYT-200 and just completed a 500 HR CYT (October 2010) with an emphasis in yoga therapy. The SAYCO (Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach) program is exciting to me because it is a well thought out program from both a yogic and public health perspective.

The details about senior health issues are comprehensive in the sense that the asanas reflect the anatomical and physiological limitations that could be present in the senior population. I feel comfortable teaching the asanas and I know that they are safe. I also like the different venues offered by the program: chair, chair assisted and floor exercise.

I have been exposed to other programs that have similar objectives but they are not as well designed or documented. The SAYCO manual is an invaluable resource for new senior yoga teachers.

Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington