SAYCO Spotlight: Tracy Myers

How long have you been with Silver Age Yoga? 

I’ve been with SAYCO since the very beginning, in 2003. Founders, Frank Iszak and his wife Serpil were my yoga teachers and friends. I knew I wanted to be involved in their mission to bring yoga to underserved seniors. They asked me to be the first Board Chair. I held that role for 10 years. 

What attracted you to Silver Age Yoga?

I think at the time SAYCO was founded, a lot of the senior population didn’t realize the benefits of yoga. I wanted to help get the word out. Things have changed a lot over the years. SAYCO grew to have classes in 24 locations in San Diego, as well as the many SAYCO graduates who teach in other cities.  We have many testimonials from students on how yoga classes have helped them with pain relief, balance, mobility, flexibility, mood, etc.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of yoga for seniors?

Strengthened bones

Reduced stress 

Improved sleep

Enhanced balance, flexibility, mobility and strength

Lessened risk for depression

Alleviate aches and pains

Creates an environment of social interaction

Why should teachers work with SAYCO?

SAYCO is a family. As a SAYCO teacher myself, I find there is so much support and camaraderie in being connected to other yoga teachers who specialize in teaching seniors.  We have continuing education together, share advice and experiences and support one another. SAYCO also places graduates of our course into yoga teaching positions when they’re available.

Why should seniors go with Silver Age Yoga over other competition?

SAYCO teachers must complete additional training after becoming certified as a yoga teacher.  This is in order to have a better understanding of working with the senior population and their specific needs. Conventional yoga training does not address the health concerns of seniors. SAYCO teachers meet monthly and share knowledge and experiences so that we bring a safer and fresher approach to our classes.

What is one thing you wish seniors knew about yoga?

It’s life changing, it’s healthy, social, exhilarating, it’s safe and fun!

What is one thing teachers should know before working with seniors?

Well, senior bodies are different than 25 year old bodies! There are exercise classes everywhere, but few are geared to providing safe movement, specifically for what a senior can do…and by the way, we have quite a few fit seniors in our classes too.  They may have not started out that way, but, at any age, you can build strength and flexibility.

What is the greatest reward in what you do?

When a student tells me after class that a pain they lived with for many years is gone because of taking my class, wow…I love that!

What is your wish for SAYCO?

SAYCO is always working to recruit more yoga teachers, to train them and place them as teachers in our locations. We hope to grow our locations in 2023. 

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath to support SAYCO: Jan. 28

Happy New Year!  Start the New Year right and join us for our first Sound Bath this year. Reservations: click here.

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
for Healing and Restoration

Quantum physicists tell us that “Everything in the Universe is vibration and sound” including us! We are vibrational beings and our bodies are made of mostly water, a wonderful conductor of vibration, therefore, our bodies respond positively to the healing, high frequencies of singing crystal bowls.  It is an experience of relaxation and healing on a cellular level.  All you must do is find a comfortable position to sit or lie down and let the bowls do their magic!
presented by Cindy and Scott Smithers; The Center in Escondido

Date:     Saturday, January 28, 2023 
Time:     Arrive 12 noon, Sound Bath 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Place:     St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 334  14th Street, Del Mar, CA 92014
What to bring: Mat, pillows, blanket, and paper and pen to record your experience
Price:  $50.00
Reservations recommended: click here.

Register early as space is limited.

Online Classes Every Weekday!

In these odd times, we can’t all get together at the traditional venues. Thanks to some of our Silver Age Yoga teachers, we’re now offering online classes, using Zoom!

Join from your home — whether you’re in San Diego, San Francisco, or Santorini!

Click here or look on our Find A Class page for the Online Class schedule and signup information.

Crystal Singing Bowl Fundraiser at Yoga Del Mar, supporting Silver Age Yoga: Sunday, October 27, 2019

Join Yoga Del Mar and Joe Schwab for an evening benefiting Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach.  All proceeds from the class will go directly to SAYCO and the seniors who benefit from their offerings.

This one hour session is open to everyone. Come prepared for a deeply relaxing experience, created by the meditative sounds of crystal bowls.

More info and sign up link at

Televised classes now available online

Did you know you can access Silver Age Yoga classes right from your computer, tablet, or phone?

In 2009, Silver Age Yoga worked in cooperation with San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services department to produce a series of televised classes. These classes are shown from time to time on San Diego area cable television networks, and now you can watch them at your convenience here on our website.

Each of the five episodes is about one half hour long, and Certified Silver Age Yoga Instructor Helena Bray leads the class, along with two friends who demonstrate possible modifications to the postures.

Click here to reach our page of online classes.