SAYCO Spotlight: Butch Whitmore

Welcome to our latest blog installment, where we shed light on the devoted individuals transforming lives within the senior community.

At SAYCO, our belief extends beyond the physical benefits of yoga; we champion the potency of community, connections, and the uplifting influence that yoga wields during one’s silver years. Through this blog series, we aim to unveil the personalities within SAYCO who are leaving an indelible mark on the lives of seniors.

Today, we are thrilled to present an exclusive interview featuring instructor Butch Whitmore.

Butch Whitmore has been interweaving wellness and wisdom into the fabric of seniors’ lives through his classes. In our conversation with Butch, we explore his journey into the world of yoga, his experiences working with seniors, and the transformative effects he witnesses with SAYCO on a regular basis.

  1. Let’s get a little bit of a personal background about you – where are you from?
  2. I was born in Iowa, grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I moved to Southern California at the age of 26.

    How long have you been with Silver Age Yoga?

    I became a Silver Age Yoga student in 2011 and became a Board Member a couple years later. I started teaching Yoga for SAYCO in 2015.

What attracted you to Silver Age Yoga?

In the beginning it was the classes I participated in. After becoming a Board Member It was the Mission and as a Teacher seeing the students progress as well as the comradely students developed before and after class.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of yoga for seniors?

Staying active as well as engaging with other seniors.

Why should teachers work with SAYCO?

The benefit of helping change seniors lives.

  1. Why should seniors go with Silver Age Yoga over other competition?

    It is donation based. If students can not afford to pay for classes they can still benefit from what Silver Age Yoga brings them. All SAYCO Teacher’s have completed teacher training specifically geared toward seniors. 
  1. What is one thing you wish seniors knew about yoga?

    I wish all seniors knew the positive reward Yoga can make in the lives.

What is one thing teachers should know before working with seniors?

Their limitations and how to modify postures accordingly.

What is the greatest reward of what you do?

Watching student’s progress and seeing their smiles after class.

Moving forward, what is your wish for SAYCO?

I would love to see SAYCO return to per/Covid-19 levels, both in classes and participation.