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Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification is a two-pronged approach to teaching seniors:

Why Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification Works for the Student:

Seniors offer unique challenges in Yoga Class. Because there is such a large spectrum of physical health abilities and issues, the yoga teacher must be ever-diligent about making the class rewarding for the student without ever placing their physical safety at risk.

Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification addresses these health issues through our carefully researched program and class-proven asanas. It is interesting to note that over the years literally thousands of seniors have taken classes with Silver Age Yoga Certified Instructors and there has never been a negative health issue associated with any student’s attendance!

Why Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification Works for the Teacher:

The practical aspects of establishing and maintaining a financially viable yoga business and/or Community Outreach program are numerous.

When you pass the Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification Program you will receive a certificate and our Silver Age Yoga Business Tool Kit.  This tremendous resource is for those teachers who are making a business decision to teach seniors yoga. This comprehensive toolkit can be used as a complement for teachers with an established yoga business but is detailed enough for those teachers starting a new practice.

Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification Study Materials:

  • Printed study book detailing senior health issues and how Silver Age Yoga addresses them.
  • 89 Silver Age Yoga asanas with benefits and precautions indicated, including a model class description.
  • Bonus Section:  Yoga for Athletes over 50  and Detailed Anatomy pages.
  • Exclusive DVD: Yoga in the Silver Years – watch Serpil execute the 89 Silver Age Yoga asanas as Frank talks her through them.
  • Exclusive DVD: Silver Age Yoga I and II.

How Long Will it Take to Become a Certified Instructor?

Time to complete the program can vary widely based upon the prospective teacher’s enthusiasm and readiness.  Teachers who currently teach yoga typically take between 55 and 65 hours, with the majority of our teachers taking 2 – 3 months to become certified (but it has been done in as little as 2 weeks!)  Prospective teachers who do not currently teach yoga or who have a limited yoga background can take longer to become certified.


Is There a Time Limit for the Program?

The time limit to pass the final exam to become a Silver Age Yoga Certified Instructor is one year from the date of registration. For teachers who have difficulty with the quizzes, assistance is provided at no additional cost.

Does Silver Age Yoga offer Continuing Education Units?

Yes! Our program qualifies for 25 non-contact CEUs upon successful completion of our program which are recognized and accepted by Yoga Alliance and other yoga organizations.

What else can I do with the training?

SAYCO has more requests from the community for our certified instructors than we have instructors to teach. For this reason, we encourage you to connect with the SAYCO office upon your graduation for our assistance.  You will find that the SAYCO community of teachers is a family of very kind, knowledgeable and supportive yoga instructors. We wish you success as you begin your course and as you begin to share this amazing gift with the seniors of your community!

Silver Age Yoga Teacher Certification Business Toolkit:

  • Silver Age Yoga Quick Start Checklist.
  • Silver Age Yoga Media Kit:
    • Sample Press Release
    • Sample Public Service Announcement
    • Instructions for maximizing exposure within the community
    • In-Depth and Customizable PowerPoint Presentation detailing the benefits of Silver Age Yoga
    • Extensive Documentation: (in various electronic formats)
      • Sample Advertisements
      • Sample Donation Forms
      • Adopt-a-Center Documentation
      • Fundraising Guidelines
      • Quarterly Attendance Sheet
      • Invoicing
      • Release Forms
  • Much more!

Online Certification Tuition:

The tuition of the program is $595 which includes all study materials, online quizzes and exams as well as online support should you need it.

Click here for complete tuition and enrollment info.

Current students click here to reach the course area.