SAYCO Spotlight: Bob Spindler

Welcome to our latest blog installment, where we dive into the world of Silver Age Yoga and shine a spotlight on the dedicated individuals who are transforming lives within the senior community. Today, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with instructor, Bob Spindler.

At SAYCO, we believe in more than just the physical benefits of yoga; we believe in the power of community, connection, and the positive impact that yoga can have on individuals in their silver years. With this blog series, we aim to peel back the layers and introduce you to the faces behind SAYCO who are making a profound difference in the lives of seniors.

Bob Spindler, a seasoned yoga instructor with a heart as expansive as his expertise, has been weaving wellness and wisdom into the lives of seniors through his classes. In our conversation with Bob, we explore his journey into the world of yoga, his experiences working with seniors, and the transformative effects he witnesses with SAYCO on a regular basis.

How long have you been with Silver Age Yoga? 

I’ve been with Silver Age Yoga since 2005, about 18 years.

What attracted you to Silver Age Yoga?

When I first attended Frank’s yoga classes, I was impressed seeing an older guy doing all   these very physical, dynamic, precise and sometimes challenging poses.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of yoga for seniors?

Yoga helps you get centered and is very calming when beginning a session with breathing and meditation. This, in turn, helps reduce stress and enables students to better concentrate their efforts to improve core and upper body strength as well as balance. 

Why should teachers work with SAYCO?

As a teacher you get to see, weekly, seniors improve their lives through regular yoga classes.

Why should seniors go with Silver Age Yoga over other competition?

SAYCO offers the only formal, structured and tested curriculum I know.

What is one thing you wish seniors knew about yoga?

The multitude of physical and mental benefits of a long-term regular yoga practice.

What is one thing teachers should know before working with seniors?

Any yoga teacher should know they will get older, (hopefully) and teaching yoga to seniors    repares you for this gradual inevitability.   

What is the greatest reward in what you do?

Students telling you they really needed the yoga class and they feel much better!

What is your wish for SAYCO?

My hope for 2024 is to increase our donations from foundations by at least two.